Forewarned (cap2 spoilers)


"Tony an Sky are alright…Anyone else, and I don’t know. It’s a clusterfuck over there, Sir. HYDRA…took over SHIELD." He murmured, eyes searching Phil’s face, any tell, and he’d be up and away the moment he saw it.

Phil went very very still.  That was the worst nightmare he could imagine outside of things happening to his family.

Dear Lord please, not here. Don’t have that happen here, too.

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Forewarned (cap2 spoilers)


Clint sighed, the day warm, but the wind cruel, whipping down the city streets, cutting through hoodies and jackets alike. He still hadn’t been able to get a hold of Phil, and had resorted to just sitting at the usual table, a thing of hot chocolate, and a muffin in hand, waiting.

Phil stepped inside and, seeing Barton, made a beeline for him instead of going to get his coffee.  He moved carefully, assessing, before sitting down.  ”You look awful.  How are everyone?”

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Forewarned (cap2 spoilers)

Phil was heading for some more coffee and maybe a doughnut.  On whim, he was walking toward the place he usually met with Barton at, a part of him concerned. He’d tried to send him a message yesterday, but heard nothing back.  The last time they’d spoken, there was concern of something big about to happen, and without being able to contact him, Phil was left only with keeping them all in prayer for safety and survival.

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Ethan sighed. “You dont get it, Agent. There are no proper channels, not anymore. Not with whats coming. Not with whats about to come to light. You can find me when you need me. Im going to go check on the Red Skull situation.” He turned and left silently, disappearing into the crowds of people on the streets. The Hawke’s werent a family to give up easily, that much wad known.
What wasnt known was how far they would go.

Coulson shook his head and went back through toward the office he was comandeering for the day. He would alert Fury to the situation.  It was out of his hands.

Not his Division anyhow.

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Ethan dropped his hand and quit his smile. It was time to be serious. “Phil, may I call you Phil? Agent Coulson, I dont really think you’ve taken everything into account.” He spread his arms, indicating the area around him. “I’ve been back from the dead for a little less than three weeks. I strutted into this Law Firm knowing it was a front for SHIELD. I asked for you BY NAME. I have yet to bat an eye at the guns tracing patterns with their laser dot sights on the side of my head. And I still have yet to mention the Avengers Intiative or Hydra. That is, until now.” Ethan dropped his arms, allowing them to hang loosely at his sides.

"Agent Coulson, there is a very high probability I know more about SHIELD than the average Agent. Im a security breach. Im a risk. You can either TRY to kill me now or you can trust me to know that if I survived on a deserted island for seven years without a problem, Im know Im ready to be an Agent of SHIELD." Ethan shrugged and looked Phil in the eye. "And dont even get me started on the time-space anomally I have contained in the Artic Circle. The one Im pretty sure SHIELD doesnt even know about."

"That’s nice," Phil answered when the boy seemed to be done speaking.  "As I said before, you can go through the proper channels.  The secretary can take your contact information, and the Academy will be in touch.  Good day, Mr. Hawke." He folded his hands in front of himself.

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"Am I disturbing you?"


That is a serious ‘I need to start doing this in a room with a lock on the door’ look she has in that last gif…

Something tells me she’s TRIED the “room with locked door” and Phil just picked the lock and did this same exact thing.

I just love the idea of Phil having done this before. A lot.

Phil: “Hey, May, I’m not bothering you am I?”

May: [slow forms] [ignoring you]

Phil: “Cool. So I really don’t know what to do about this whole ‘Tony Stark’ deal. I mean, the guy really just doesn’t seem to get where I’m coming from. He’s dying from palladium poisoning and he’s throwing parties!”

May: [better than thou]

Phil: “I don’t know what the hell Fury wants me to do. I’m not exactly the guy people draw inspiration from, or anything. I’m just a guy.”

May: [aside glance, skewed eyebrow]

Phil: “You really think I can get through to him?”

May: [moving like water]

Phil: “Huh. Thanks for the talk, May.” [walks off]

May: [shrugs, continues to zen]

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I’d come on, but I think I’m gonna crash instead. Sorry, lyubimaya.

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//a broken window and six inches or so of snow (ok maybe only five but still) - a broken window held together with cardboard, yonks of duct tape, and plastic. And it’s too cold to get it replaced now. DAMMIT.

I guess that works out cos someone messed up our bank account.  Futz everything.

Kids are happy about the snow, that’s a silver lining.  03 has an outdoor field trip today though, bundled her up good and well (and she wore her iron man sweater, so that’s a giggle).

Futz. Everything. Gonna go make dollars stretch now b/c I’m about a thousand or so miles overdue for an oil change, and I don’t have my own driveway so I gotta get someone else to do it. Gotta get money out of the bank for food. Gotta not throw myself off a bridge because stress, gotta not panic every time I see the window covered in brown. (note to self, get kids to color all over that thing so I don’t keep feeling like I need to duck bullets)

happy tuesday folks. I won’t be ‘round prolly until afternoon.

Be excellent to each other

~Mama Coulson/Rodey

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New York, Waller & Associates, SHIELD Front


Ethan extended his hand to shake. “Ethan Hawke. You may have known my father, Kyle Hawke. He did help Director Fury when my Uncle Logan nearly cut out his eye. I figure if he helped SHIELD, so should I. I’d like to volunteer myself as SHIELD Agent.” Ethan finished with a smirk.

Phil watched him for a long moment, corrolating the data, as it were.  Logan was probably Wolverine, he had worked with him in the past - he himself knew Fury.  Phil, however, had heard none of these tales.

That was neither here nor there.

"It’s not exactly a volunteer process, Mr. Hawke.  There is an academy, training before you can become an agent of SHIELD.  If you are willing to go through the proper channels, either through the Academy or - if someone takes a liking to your skillset in assessment testing - a personal trainer.  That would be someone who would oversee your training much in the same way as the Academy.  SHIELD are fond of their application processes."

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